Gwenivere, my beautiful rainbow baby following a miscarriage, arrived exactly a week before her due date on the 16th of February 2010 at 12:53 in the afternoon. I was in labor for 12 hours and pushed for 1.5 hours.  [Full Birth Story HERE]

I wrote Letter's to Gwen every month for her first year, then quarterly, and now I write her one every year on her birthday. She is sassy and fun and keeps me on my toes!

Stats and Pictures with "Pumpkin":

Birth:                                                           1 month:
7 lbs (25%), 20 in (75%)                             8 lbs 4 oz.(25%), 21.5 in (75%)

6 months:                                                                    1 year:
13 lb 6 oz (10%), 25.5 in. (50%)                                16 lbs 5 oz (3%), 29.25 in (58%)

2 years:                                                                  3 years:
21.7lbs, 33"                                                           26.8lbs

4 years:                                                                 5 years:
28 lbs, 37"                                                            31.6lbs, 41"

6 years:                                                                  7 years:
33.4lbs, 44.5"                                                        39 lbs, 3'11"

8 years:                                                                  9 years:
43.4 lbs, 4'1.5"                                                      48.2lb, 4'3"

10 years:                                                                     11 years:
4'5"                                                                             4'7"

Gwen's Travel List!

Alabama                      Alaska                        Arizona                       Arkansas
California                    Colorado                    Connecticut                 Delaware
Florida                         Georgia                      Hawaii                         Idaho
Illinois                         Indiana                       Iowa                            Kansas
Kentucky                     Louisiana                   Maine                          Maryland
Massachusetts             Michigan                    Minnesota                   Mississippi
Missouri                      Montana                     Nebraska                     Nevada
New Hampshire          New Jersey                New Mexico                New York
North Carolina            North Dakota             Ohio                            Oklahoma
Oregon                        Pennsylvania              Rhode Island               South Carolina
South Dakota              Tennessee                   Texas                           Utah
Vermont                      Virginia                       Washington                 West Virginia
Wisconsin                   Wyoming

International:   Canada, France, Mexico, Monaco

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