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Wow... it's been 7 months since I've been here. Life was just too crazy for a little while to even comprehend for myself, let alone trying to put it into words for others. I struggled with money, I struggled with faith, I struggled with grades and my own feeling of future and self worth that was attached to them. I struggled to try and find my place, where I really belong. I think I've come so far.

I'm done with my junior year now, and the summer is almost past. It's all gone so fast. Summer has definitely left me more happy and refreshed then I've been in a long long time. I feel like I'm really getting my life under control again, and back to my own. Unfortunately money has forced me to drop Chi O... it is a horribly sad thing for me and I miss it to no end already. However, at the same time, I almost feel like there is this huge weight off my shoulders money-wise. Last year money had to be such a huge part of my existance, which I hate! But this year I'll actually be able to save and not constantly worry and stress. It will also give me a chance to spend as much time as I want at Psi U, without feeling like I'm betraying my sisters by not going to a certain party with them. I feel like my place will be a lot less of a struggle this year. You have to see these good things in bad situations.

But yes, this has definitely been one of my best summers ever. I got to realize that a very good friend of mine, whom I thought I lost, is actually as close as ever... and even though our relationship has changed, it has not faded at all. I guess this has actually occurred with more then one friend, but the most obvious occurance was with my "other man" (for lack of a better phrase, i don't want to name names, but Travis is my main Man... so I couldn't call him that!). I've also gotten to have so much fun... moving to 413 Vine... visiting Ed's, Jon's, Mike's, and my uncle in DC. And the fun isn't even over!! Soon I'll be heading up to Cape Cod and of course that would be at the time of my 21st birthday! :-D I'm even looking forward to school again. To seeing friends and getting into a pleasantly busy routine of classes. I have some very good classes. I've very excited to learn! Well, this has been exceedingly long already... so I'll stop now. Hopefully though, I'm really back now and will be keeping you up-to-date on a more daily basis.

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