It's amazing the amount of people that have these journals. Little bits of the web devoted just to them... their feelings, complaints, excitements... its almost addicting. But even more amazing is the amount of people who read these journals; which I suppose is also addicting. I have had more visitors to my journal in the past two weeks, then I have had meals. And I eat a lot.

It's exciting in a way. Not that it shows that people care... but at least, if nothing else, they are semi interested. I guess it is the intrigue of knowing what is going on in someone elses mind. Knowing that other people are just as weird as you... or that they over think things (life) like you... etc.

On the other hand, for those writing, it's like a faceless friend. Completely unjudgemental... only listens and never offers unwanted advise or criticism. But this friend passes on your secrets to all your real friends, so that they know, but without you having to tell them yourself. Then, if advise is wanted, you can get it from them. With a journal, you can edit and rephrase, and you are safer then with messy words.

In the end, I guess what it comes down to is that everyone wants to be just a little more understood.
A little more known.
A little more open.

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