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I just booked my flight to Indiana to visit my best friend Babs. I am so excited beyond words. The doll is going to split the bill with me, just to get my ass out there and I couldn't be happier about it! I miss my girlie so much. Add another state to my list. :-D

Plus, I finally downloaded all the pictures from my camera. All 168 of them! Yipes. I haven't found a way to get the program on our comp yet, but just stuck the memory card into my old camera and did it that way. Hey, it worked!

From our day in Philly with my bro:
Horse-drawn carriage tour.

At the Franklin Institute

Our "new" door!

Finally some shots with the new camera... I've mostly played with the macro so far. I LOVE it!!

For some reason, I love this shot of tomatoes... so pretty.

Okay, off to relax with my boy. Have a great weekend!!

Ps. Still looking for insight on the job stuff (et al.) from my last post... please feel free to comment!

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