thank you

First off, thank you. Seriously. Your texts, emails, facebook messages, comments, etc have all been so appreciated. I can't tell you how nice it is to feel so supported! (I've only gotten one nasty comment, by someone who, of course, hid behind "anonymous"... but you can't please everyone!) I'm working on a Q&A post with all the questions you've sent, and I'll get that up soon.

In the meantime, a new week is upon us! A short one for me, as we leave to go camping on Thursday. I'm pretty damn excited to check out this new place (especially since its in the 70s there!).

Last weekend was nice enough. Saturday was just long and frustrating, we were all having an off day, Gwen especially. It was too hot and humid to go outside, endlessly frustrating, and we all had to retreat at one point to our own corners to cool off. Sunday was better. I had a date arranged to see a girlfriend and her baby, but Trav and Gwen kept busy, and had a nice time together. They did some shopping together for food supplies for our camping trip. I think Gwen liked having a purpose. It was a much better note to end the weekend on.

Now its another busy week ahead, and I'm going to get to it!!

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