time MARCHes on

(Sorry... horrible pun!)

The days just keep getting away from me.
I'm getting my grove back at work, and it is busy. Time at home is no less busy. We've been looking at houses, doing chores around our own, and even when we don't have plans, there are legos to build and movies to watch. Plus, I'm back to yoga.

This past weekend was St. David's Day (Welsh version of St. Patrick's Day). We wore red and I donned my Welsh dragon to celebrate. 

Cymru am byth!

Even the French family got in the mood, sending me the cutest picture of them in red drinking a beer in honor!  :-)

Today I'm working from home with Gwen in tow, thanks to a snow day (really more of an ice day!), which means more screen time then I really like, but we're doing our best.

We've been looking ahead and finalizing plans. So much to look forward too... especially things like Cape Cod (warmmmm), and Wanderlust. A lot sooner is an Easter trip to DC.

But for now, we're just plugging through our days. I promise to try to come back and be interesting soon!

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