Life is Beauty Through and Through...

You know, life is pretty good.
It really is.

Sometimes I need a remind of that. Like the other night when something wasn't going the way I'd hoped. It was so easy to let it get me down... way down. Could have, would have, should have, my life isn't what it is supposed to be... down.

How silly.

I was talking to a friend a few days later and he asked how I was. I told him the truth, I was busy. He asked with what, and I decided to tell him all the good things that were keeping me busy. Yes, there's work... but there are also yoga classes, Trav's softball games (he's playing in a work league!), my trip to Vermont for Wanderlust (I'm there now! post soon), our impending trip to Cape Cod, and the little things I'm doing to prepare for my brother's wedding next month. Man, there is so much good!

And that doesn't even count the million other little things that make life oh so very busy, but oh so wonderful too. The cooking of yummy foods, reading of books, Gwenie snuggles, Daisy snuggles, laughing with Trav. Those little bits of wonderful, that make the day-to-day that much better.

Why do we humans do this over and over? Get caught up in the frustrations of things we can't control to the detriment of our view of the things we can?

Life is a million things, but when you boil it down it is just {this} -- right here, this very moment. It is the people we love and the love that we share and it is where we are right now. Of course sometimes the here and now is scary and hard, but there are enough real trials in life without wasting one minute focusing on the "should have," that is imaginary!

Thank goodness for good friends who (intentionally or not), remind us of these truths!

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