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A few fun things to catch up on...

Continuing Education: Assists Workshop
A few weeks ago I took the time to take stock of what I needed for Continuing Education Units for both my yoga and doula certifications. I have time before either is do (over a year and over two years respectively), but I don't want to let either sneak up on me! I found a great Workshop offering Yoga CEUs in Assists, that I attended the Sunday before Valentine's Day. It was a fun, informative day with a really killer teacher. (Pictures to come.)

New Glasses
You know when you keep saying, I need to do this... over and over for months? Yeah, well that's what I was doing with making an appointment to get my eyes checked. I hadn't been since Pennsylvania (oops), and it was time. I finally went the Tuesday before Valentine's Day (it was a busy week), and now I have new glasses on their way to me. The good news, my prescription is slightly lessened! (Also pictures to come!)

Valentine's Day

Last week was quite busy! Obviously Gwen's birthday was on Friday, but before that was Valentine's Day. Gwen started my day out right by making me a smoothie to drink in bed. We exchanged our little gifts, with Gwen being quite excited for her new rainbow loom bands. 

Socks were an accidental theme this year, I gift Trav socks with Daisy's face on them (and a pedicure for the feet beneath!), and though they weren't officially my gift, these fun socks he ordered for me arrived just in time for Valentine's Day too.

I wore them for what might be my favorite Valentine's Day activity ever... I got to teach some yoga to Gwen's class at school for their Healthy Hearts party!!

It was so fun to share this with her and her friends.

We finished the night with sushi for the adults and a happy meal for the very happy child.
Oh, and my actual Valentine's Day gift?! A massage, and a trip I cannot wait to tell you all about... later!

Fun Run
The day after Valentine's Day (and before Gwen's birthday) was the day of Gwen's Fun Run. Its a great little fundraiser that they do at Gwen's school, promoting healthy habits while raising money for field trips and school supplies.

She ran over 45 laps! And all together they raised over $12,000!

We love Gwen's school, and love these fun ways we can help them continue to give Gwen's such amazing support.

Virtual Coffee Dates 
Remember my friend SaraMarie? (Here, here, and here.) I was super bummed to miss out on our coffee dates when she moved to the East Coast, so after a hiatus for her to get all settled in, we decided to start virtual coffee dates! We make our own drinks, then meet on Facebook Video Chat. Its not exactly the same, of course, I miss her baking for one! But its better then nothing, right now, and hopefully we'll be getting some coffee in person during our East Coast trip.

Here's to slightly less busy weeks ahead!

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