One of the first things that I did when we moved to Colorado was find a yoga studio. I needed that part of my life to handle all the stresses that came with the move, and since I didn't have a job, I needed a way to build that community. That's what I found in iThrive. An absolutely beautiful studio, warm and welcoming, and people to match. If you've seen my yoga pictures over the past few years, you've seen the beautiful windows and amazing wave wall of this space.

I loved the space so much, that I chose to do my teacher training there. It was where I became a yoga teacher, where I did a good part of my teaching, and where I found my favorite class. 

And last Friday, I met one Addison - of my good friends, and fellow teachers there - and we (at an appropriate social distance), said goodbye to our home away from home.

One last time, we set up our mats, and enjoyed a practice. We looked at the mountain view, took a few pictures, and then walked out one final time. The Denver area has lost a lot of studios during this time of pandemic and upheaval. In the long run, that may be a good thing, churning out stronger, larger individual communities. But none of that matters right now, because my sanctuary is no more.

I know I will be okay. My yoga is still there for me, even if this particular space is not. The owner is committed to our community, and is looking for ways to keep us practicing together still, both on and off the mat. I will rebuild my teachings in new an wonderful ways. But on Friday, I grieved.

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