Run Away With Me

Last week, before school started and we had less time to work with, after months of missing out, Gwen and I ran away for a night to the mountains. 

We headed up to a new-to-us area recommended by a friend, bringing food and sleeping bags. We car camped (one of the things she was so excited to try for the first time this summer), and spend 24 hours away from real life. Hiking in the woods, eating food cooked over flame, and just relaxing together. 


It was the best time we've spent together lately, and it was exactly what we both needed. Time, space, fresh air, and moving together. We talked about things coming up in the next few months, and about nothing at all. And we made plans to do it again.  


It was an absolutely beautiful area that we hope to return to again soon. I'm so glad we got this moment to sneak away.

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