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“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy, for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter into another.” —Anatole France

Did you know that Savasana is also known as corpse pose? It is said that when we finish class, first in savasana, then rolling to our fetal pose for a moment afterwards before rising - we are completing a mini version of the circle of life. Maybe that's why I appreciated the above quote so much! When we enter our savasana, we are dying to all that we were before, and have the choice of what parts of ourselves will rise back up on the mat to go on with our days.

If only we had so much control over all of life! I believe the last email I sent was about a year ago, and I can't even being to quantify how much has changed since then (for many of us!). The only reason I was able to remain a yoga teacher from March of 2020 through now is because my husband brings home the majority of our income. Even so, my home studio, where I did my training and that was my first home outside of home since we moved to Colorado, has closed. The very first place I taught, where I still taught the same class, isn't offering classes until at least March of next year. All of my classes, gone; along with all but one of the classes I regularly took. The past 7 months have held much unwanted changed.

I won't lie, my mental health took a big hit and is something I'm still working on today. My family went through its own set of challenges too: with shifting back and forth between online and in person school, with restrictions on so much of life, and with the emotional challenges that come with navigating, and helping a 10 year old to navigate a global pandemic!

Not that it has all been bad. Autumn teaches us that there can be great beauty in letting go too. We have experienced such beauty in getting away for two short camping trips, taking an autumn foliage car ride in the mountains, zooming with family and friends, meeting a sloth(!) and "bubbling" with a close friend-family for Saturday night dinners, just to name a few. I've also been learning to find joy in my new classes! While I still wish for what was, I'm loving the new communities I'm starting to form and the new opportunities that are arising. Which brings me to:

Currently you can find me at Love Junkie Yoga and Fitness on Smoky Hill Rd in Centennial on Fridays at Noon for Restorative Yoga, and I'll be adding another class there starting December 2nd! An Intermediate/Advanced Hatha class at 9:30 a.m. I'm also currently teaching at Rooted Heart Yoga on Ogden St in Denver on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. (Hatha Yoga), but due to some continuing life changes, will be releasing that class as of Thursday Nov 19th. I would absolutely love to see you at any of those classes. If they don't work for you, feel free to contact me about private lessons. Fingers crossed I'll have news about more Aurora classes in 2021 too. [Keep an eye on the website for changes, or just to check in anytime you need a reminder of where you can find me:]

Also hopefully coming in the spring: more outdoor classes!!

I've had the opportunity recently to teach a few outdoor classes, and realize just how much I love it! I'm hoping to organize some myself as the Colorado weather allows, but I'd also love to help you with a yoga class for your own event. Team building, birthday party, neighborhood gathering, or other events, yoga classes are a nice addition to so many things! Doing so outside both keeps it COVID safe (masks until on your socially distanced mats!), plus adds a really beautiful nature element. I've decided that savasana with a light breeze under blue skies is some of the most magical I've experienced.

If you're still with me this far, I invite you to reply to this email with any questions, inquiries, or just to let me know how you've been doing with everything this year. I'd love to hear from you!

With love and gratitude,

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