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 It seems to me, after 2 years of this, that a pandemic is not perhaps the best time to try to make all your big moves. Ahem. 

That said, things have continued to move along. Since August I was invited to attend the 300 YTT (yoga teacher training*) I had long desired, in a work study capacity, which was absolutely phenomenal... and the only way it could have possibly worked out. I'm half way through, blown away by all I'm learning, and just so grateful for the whole experience. 

That opportunity lead to another! I was invited to be part of the leadership team for a 200 YTT taking place at the same studio! Aka I get to teach people to become yoga teachers! It was one of the main reasons that I wanted my RYT500 (plus just the learning opportunity), but I had no idea it would come so fast! So if you need me from March to May, that's what I'll be doing. 

In addition, I'm still teaching at three other amazing places, have a private client, and attended a birth in January (no more for me until Autumn at the earliest... just too much else going on). Plus my digital mapping job! 

I'm probably in the best shaped I've been in since before the pandemic at least, and I think maybe ever. This feels amazing after spending 6 months last year dealing with an intestinal issues that seemed to boil down to a stomach bug, exacerbated by a lactose intolerance, that got to a point where my guts were just angry and needed a month long elimination/anti-inflammatory diet just to get them back to normal. They did get back to baseline, and now I'm pretty comfortable just sticking with no-/low-lactose options (or, thank goodness for lactaid! Mama needs her creamy pastas). I am still working some things out, as residual symptoms seem to point to "leaky gut", but I'm feeling great overall. 

Gwen and I also just finalized our summer travel plans! Visiting with family, a Girl Scout trip to NYC, and a return to a place we love... with a few amazing AirB&B/Glamping nights thrown in to break up the longer legs. To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

I sat down the other day and reflected on where I am, and where I want to be. I have big plans for this year and next, and you know, I'm proud! I lost my way for a bit in there, lost my bearing when I had to adjust so many dreams and plans and ideas... but I think, maybe this is going to be even better.

* I am currently 200 hr certified, which is the base certification for becoming a yoga teacher. In January I earned my E- distinction (so E-200, E equals experienced), which requires a certain amount of time and hours, plus maintaining a certain amount of continuing education. I was very proud of that! Once I get my additional 300 hr certification, then I will be RYT500 (and E-RYT200, until I earn the hours I need to be E-RYT500). Clear as mud? ;-) 

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