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Isn't it funny the natural ebb and flow of things. This week I've actually been on top of sleep, feeling more well rested... but yet tired, because these past few weeks have been so busy. Family visits (Trav's parents were in last week, his brother with wife and our nephew the week before), snow, Hamilton for birthday gifts, 300 hour training work, more snow, job stuff, teaching, taking, snowwwww, Gwen's spring concert, Meow Wolf, etc etc etc!  [All of these pictures are in a completely random order because that's how they uploaded and 🤷]

So much fun and so much good, but whoo boy. I'm very ready for this weekend of rest.

Last week I found out that the 200 hr that I was going to be co-leading needs to be postponed. That made me sad. But I'm not going to lie, tackling a 200 in the Fall, when I'm not also doing a 300, sounds much more accessible! Today I found out that I got a promotion and a raise for my mapping job! I get to be a Mapping Lead, which is really exciting, and I get to adjust my focus to include a lot of new things that I really enjoy. Not going to lie, feeling proud of that! The Universe. It gives you what you need sometimes, even if its not what you want.

Next week is Gwen's Spring Break, and we are definitely both looking forward to that pause. We have nothing really planned, but we'll find little fun things to do.

 The week after that is Ostara, the official start to Spring, and I am so ready. I'm ready for more light, more space, more warmth, more ease. The winter months always feel more overwhelming, everything seems to take longer and be more work, but spring, spring is on its way. I could not be more ready. 

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