344 and other nonrelated bull

IR 344 is going to be the death of me. This paper is driving me crazy because I can't think of what I want to do it on, can't determine where to start, and will end up getting a D in this class (if i'm lucky) because of it. Professor Barkey looked at me in class today and asked how the paper was going... "its going" i believe was my exact responce. He asked if I want to meet... all I wanted to do was shout "HELL NO!!!!" But obviously I couldn't do that.
So now I have to meet with him next week and I have nothing to show him.


It's a very bad feeling.
But lets see if I can get some good stuff in here.

Well, I won our football poll again. That deserves a big THANK YOU EAGLES!!!!! I love my team. It was a crappy game, but the Eagles pulled through for me. So that's some good right there. Its nice because that means I don't have to put money aside for my meal on Sunday, its covered and my earnings can go straight in my account for bills etc. (I hate money... but this is time to talk about happy things, so we won't discuss that.)

Wow... I really can't think of much else to say. Last week was nice because Travis was up every night except for Monday. Of course the whole time he was studying and sleeping because of his CPA exams... but it was still so nice to have him here. The weekend was pretty relaxing... Oh! and my mom got a new job, which is awesome. But that's about all... Its just been the same old, same old... work, class, homework. Stress. Oh well. That's enough for now.

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