rabbit rabbit rabbit...

Have you ever hear of the old superstition that when you wake up on the first day of the new month you are supposed to say "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit"... I can't remember the story my mom told me about where that came from or anything, but it's supposed to bring you good luck. Considering this is the first entry of the new month, I thought I would see how much luck I could get from it.

Anyway, lets see whats new and amazing, or not so amazing, or anything like that which I can update you on. Well, the last day I wrote was the 23rd... damn that's so long. Well, that day I had lunch with my super sweet little, Lauren. That was a great time, and it was so nice to catch up with her. Then that weekend Trav and I, and a bunch of Psi U's went to see 'Scary Movie 3'. Oh my word, it's hilarious!! Much better then the first two. That weekend Rochelle also came up, which was fun. Trav and I went for a walk on Sunday and enjoyed the beautiful weather, and looked at the pretty mules.
Last week the pressures of school work really caught up to me and I was feeling so stressed out, and very exhausted. Up working every night, but not feeling like I was getting anything done because I was too tired to think.
Ex. Thursday night I went to sleep at 10 instead of going out like I originally planned. It was just too much for me.

But friday turned out very well in that I had off from work at Laura's, and the Philo office closed for painting at 12... so I was at the library by 12:30 and stayed their until 5:40ish. It was a long time... but it was very good and I got a killer amount of work done. All my readings for this week in 344, started my 390 paper, and wrote my whole 160 paper in one shot. Not so bad.
Plus I got to go home and soon after Trav was there.

Friday night the crew hoes came over and we all hung out in our coustumes and drank and played cards. Everyone looked awesome! I also managed to figure out a costume which I was happy about. I was a surfer girl with my board shorts, my bikini top, trav's hawiian shirt, my sunglasses, and this horrendous blond wig that Meg N. let me use. It was fun. I definitely got a bit drunk that night... off Boones and shots and Scorpian bowls (apoc and I got first!!). Good times though, and I wasn't even hung over on Saturday. Lol, Trav and Hannah were both drunk though when they woke up! Which was especially funny because we went out to brunch at Ginny's. Great food after which we went home and literally laid around ALL day! We did nothing... which felt great. Then for dinner Trav and I went to Ruby Tuesdays. Mmmm... I'm drooling just thinking about it. After that it was back home and movie watching. We rented '28 days' which is weird and pretty creepy. I liked it. Then to bed and lots of sleep.

Sunday I woke up and made breakfast to surprise travis in bed. Then we got up, showered, and ended up going right to McGrady's to buy Mike his meal. We watched football and talked and it was very relaxing as well. Plus, the weather just made it so much better! After that Trav and I headed home, grabbed our books, and hit the library. We were their from 2 until 6 or so... and managed to get a lot done. Then we headed home, ate leftovers, checked the scores, and got more work done. So Sunday was very productive as well... and relaxing at the same time. This weekend was great. So much what I needed. Plus I won our football poll!! Sweet.

This coming week should be pretty good as well. I have off from work at Laura's today, so straight to the library after class for me. Tomorrow night Trav will be coming... he has his CPA exam in Allentown on Wednesday and Thursday, so he'll be here Tuesday night through Thursday night, head to work Friday morning from my place, then be back up for the weekend on Friday night. Unless I head down there and we chill with Brian. But we will see. Either way I'm excited about having my baby up here with me! We get to fall asleep together every night... something we haven't gotten since he graduated. (Well, besides the occational vacation... i miss Cape Cod! lol.)
Well, anyway... I'm starving so I'm going to go eat. Enjoy the weather everyone, it's georgeous!


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