definitely busyness!! :-)

So I have determined that the not writing as much as I want is from busyness!! Lol, that's for sure. This week has gone quickly, which is very fine by me. Popping down to surprise Travis at 10 o'clock at night on Tuesday definitely helped the time go faster. He thanked me for coming, said I was wonderful, and told me how surprised he was. I told him I was just as surprised! Considering I did even decide to leave until 9 that night, and just hopped in the car to go! Lol. Well anyway, tomorrow is friday and that is wonderful. I have so much work to do, and hopefully I will actually do it this weekend. It is just so hard to think about work when my Trav is up here. All I want to do is relax with him. Well, the fact that I don't have class and can actually sleep in doesn't help either! If I can get some research done for my 344 paper, and get my room a bit more organized, then I will be satisfied. I always have this feeling that if I organized my space, then it will help to organize my life and actions more. We'll see about that one. Well, time to go and have lunch with my wonderful little Lauren! I'm so very excited... she is great. Ciao!!

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