wonderful things to look forward to...

I feel like writing in pretty blues today... I'm in just such a good mood!! Lol. This week gives me so much to look forward to. I have gotten myself slightly overwhelmed in the past month, and this week is my chance to make it better. Wednesday I work until 8:30 like normal... and like normal I will be going home to do work, but the nice part is I will be doing it because I want to. Not because I have to! I figure I will be able to look ahead and make some plans for myself for what needs to be done by when. Then sleep early!! Lol... Thursday is the first day of pacing break. But I will be working, which is actually very okay with me because then I will have Friday completely off. 9:30 until 12:30 or 1 I will be at Laura's. Then 1 - 5 I will be at Global Horizons. Then my real vacation starts. Thursday night is all about Heather and I getting some quality time together! We're hitting the vintage shop and then KCF, then then a diner. Good times. And Friday we get to ... sLeEp In!!!!!! Halleluah! I'm so very excited about that. Hang out there until whenever... then back to my place and finish packing for camping with my boy this weekend. That's right, Trav and I are leaving Friday afternoon/early evening and heading to Rickette's Glen State Park in upstate PA for some quality time and some nature. It should be great. Sleeping in a tent, roasting marshmellows, making smores, roasting weiners, carving a pumpkin, hiking and seeing the waterfalls... I really really can't wait. We might also hit Knobles while we're their... just for the fun of it. It's such a cute amusement park, why not?! Then back to Lehigh Sunday night. And Monday (which trav took off), is our 3 year anniversary. How sweet does all that sound?! It's definitely the R & R that I desperately need.

Well, time for me to get some work done... Hasta Luego!

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