So I am in an absolutely wonderful mood today! I am done with my stupid 344 test, and I think it actually went well. This is so very exciting. Anyone who saw me studying can tell you that I was horribly nervous about this test, and convinced that I was going to fail. So happiness about that, and here's hoping I did as well as I thought I did!! Tonight should be a good time to finish up the day too, because it's senior night at the Ho. Ever since I went to Happy Hour for dinner with Stella on Tuesday, I've been thinking about the bar. But I'm going to be a good girl and not have too much to drink. As much as I want my weekend to start now, I still have another day.

I'm really quite happy now. The test is a huge weight off my shoulders, because no matter what I get, its out of my hands now. And this weekend is going to be lots of fun. Cooking out on my new grill (which I won!) and a movie, all with my boy, on Friday night. Then going to watch one thing I never thought I would see... Ollie's Wedding! Probably hanging out at the house that night after we get back from the reception. Then Sunday probably walking around to see the mules... and dinner on Trav and Mike for winning the football pool last week. Yay for winning things, and feeling a huge weight off my back, and for pretty autumn weather, with pretty autumn smells in the air... and yay for good friends and good fun, and of course for my wonderful man.

And Yay for everything finally feeling right again!
Especially me!!

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