snaps and smiles!!!

I haven't written in a week, and i'm not sure if that's because things have been too crazy, or if its been too slow.

I had my 56 test last week... which was stressful, and okay all at the same time. I got it back now, and got a B which is the best feeling in the world considering how I did last time. Smiles and snaps for that one! And the horror that was my other IR test, ended up not so bad. The Professor informed us that if we improved a good deal from the first test to the second, that he would discount our first test from a large part of our grade. So that is mucho reassuring. And I got my first paper back from my 390 class and that's a B as well.
So I actually have lots of smiles to go around right now.

The weekend was nice also. Travis, Mike, Gilbert, Bert, Erin, and I all went to see "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on Friday... and that was a good movie. Its freaky, and even though you know whats going to happen, you still get surprised. It was the first movie i've been to in a while where the whole audiance jumped at the same time. It was fun too, because everyone would jump, and then everyone would laugh at the fact that we all jumped. But it was a good movie, and a good time.

Saturday involved a lot of laying around and relaxing, some researching at the library for this paper which will be the death of me, and making our beef stew. My boss Laura gave me a crockpot... so Travis and I slow cooked a beef stew all day. It was fun. I love when Trav and I get to be domestic together!! :-) That night we hung out at the house for a little bit... then watched movies until we fell asleep.

Sunday Travis and I went out to McGrady's with Mike for our weekly meal. We watched football first there, then at the house. It was great... I kicked ass this week!! So that was fun. Then we did work, and I talked to Ro who is visiting this coming weekend. Yay!! We caught up a lot... and it was cute because we talked about our ideal engagement rings. And Travis took notes!! :-D That makes me very happy. So right now you have an overall, very satisfied Megan talking to you! That is a good thing. Well, time to go get work done.


ps. Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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