Another Manic Monday...

§ An Irish Friendship Wish §
§ May there always be work for your hands to do; §
§ May your purse always hold a coin or two; §
§ May the sun always shine on your windowpane; §
§ May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain; §
§ May the hand of a friend always be near you; §
§ May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you. §

A little Irish luck for you. Lets see, when did I write last... I think it was Thursday. Well then, I guess the first step would be to write about the weekend.

Thursday night (Senior Night) was fun. Definitely better then the last one because it was good times, and I didn't get really drunk. I like that. Last senior night was a good time but it ended so badly because all my shots hit me right when I was leaving the bar, and I was already completely trashed. So I ended up "sleeping" on my bathroom floor that night, which is something I never want to do again! But lets not talk about that anymore. So Thursday after I left the bar (only had one drink, and basically socialize the whole time)... I hit Stella's for a little because she was having a little party thing. Hung out there for a bit, talked to Daryn for a while, got the cutest picture of Daryn/Liz/&Myself... then went home and hit the sack. Last week was exhausting due to late nights studying, and man did I sleep that night.

Friday Trav and i BBQed on my new grill. Fun times!! Then we just relaxed and watched a movie and went to bed. It was very nice actually, and was a good thing considering the little sleep we ended up getting Saturday night. So we woke up that morning and got ready and left for the wedding. It was out in Hershey, actually right next to the park. It definitely stunk for Ollie and Amy because it rained some (outdoor wedding)... but it was still so beautiful, and cleared up by the end. So after that it was on to the reception, and lots of food and socializing, and a little drinking (but only two drinks for me the whole time we were there, because I was driving). Amy is such a sweet girl, and I'm glad I got to know her better this weekend... I really didn't know who Ollie was marrying before because we had only talked once or twice when they came up to Psi U. But she really is great, and they really are great together, and I know they are going to be very happy.
So after the reception, Amy and Ollie, Brian and Stacy, Travis and I all headed out together and hit the DragonFly... which was one of the clubs in Harrisburg that we had gone to with Mary's Bachlorette Party (probably wrote about it in that entry, if you want to read more). (Amusing side note: Travis borrowed clothes from Brian, and I borrowed clothes from Stacy to wear out because we originally had planned on going home that night. So all size 4 of me ended up having to squeeze into a pair of size 1 jeans!!! That was interesting. And get this... Travis wore Jeans! Lol. In our 3 years together, I have seen Travis in jeans a total of: ZERO times! It was amusing. But back to the real story.)
It was a good time, but soooo crowded, and mostly with these HUGE black men who were very brash and open about what they were there for! One of them even reached Between! Travis and I to pinch my ass... while we were dancing together. That was a new one. It was fun... but man was I exhausted by the time we left (after last call).
We didn't get to bed until 3:30 or so... and had to be up to check out of our sleezy motel by 11. So Sunday was a sleepy day! But it was also fun. Brunch with everyone fromt the night before plus James and his girlfriend. Then home again (with Travis and my new Beta Oliver... hehe, to keep my Harvest company) taking the 2.5 hour "scenic route". Yup, aka we missed our exit!! Lol, opps. But it actually turned out to be one of those great drives, which was really amusing and fun and totally worth it. Got home and went out for dinner at McGrady's (free dinner for me for my win in football last week). Then Trav and I just hung out and cleaned my room/did homework for the rest of the night. Then bed.

As for today... Well, today is okay for a Monday. I don't have class at one because it is Yom Kippur... so that is nice. I'll have some free time between work at Philo, and work at Laura's. I'll probably see if I can get my film developed from the wedding. Oh! And I got a great note from someone that I haven't talked to or heard from in a while. So that was a nice surprise and made me feel very good.
Wow... well it's 1 already... so time for me to head out. I will definitely write more later though, because I feel very talkative right now! Bye!!

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