Oh thank the heavens that it is Friday!

The weekends always make me a much happier person. And even though I have a bunch of work, this weekend especially should be a good time. Travis, Mike, and I started a little 3-person football poll... which should provide us with much entertainment. The 2 losers buy the winner lunch the following weekend. I have the feeling that I should be saving my money, because I will be losing a lot!! Lol, I definitely pick too much according to who I want to win and not actually who I think is going to win. (Ex: the Eagles, I of course picked them to win, even though I know they will bite just as much ass this week as they did every other game so far.) But, oh well... I'm still very excited, as this will cause some good times. Also this weekend is the Celtic Classic... which is a great celebration (yay for my heritage), and let me tell you, us Celts know how to have a good time!! :-) Plus the fact that it always occurs during the first few weeks of autumn, it makes me just feel very good when it arrives because I know that autumn has arrived as well. Just thinking about the season fills me with this warm pleasant feeling... So Trav and I and multiples of Psi U alums should be hitting that tonight or Sunday or sometime in between.

And then Saturday evening is Trav and my dinner at my rents. I'm actually really looking forward to this! We're doing an "endless pasta bowl" a la Olive Garden. My mom is making a few different pastas, and a few different sauces, and then we get to mix and match. We're also going to be watching Lord of the Ring, Two Towers... a wonderful movie, which also gets me in a happy spirit.

Right now (if you can't tell) I'm in just such a happy mood. I want to just forget about anything that drags me down: classes, job searching, money etc. I want to think about happy, exciting things... like going to Ireland and riding horses for a living. Or living in Bethlehem and being at artist at the Banana factory. Or something equally wonderful. Of course with Travis by my side. Now, I'm not delusional or anything... I realize that won't be happening, but it's so pleasant to think about... isn't it?! :-)

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