At least it's not Monday...

So it's Tuesday, not over the hump of the hill, way too far from the weekend, but at least it's not Monday anymore, Tuesday. I'm tired and cranky after staying up until 12 or a bit after last night to watch the Eagles not play football. Really, I swear they were simply there to take up space on the field. Hmm... so isn't this an interesting phenomenon... Megan likes football. This is really new to me. I've always considered the Eagles my team, but now I really actually like football. I enjoy watching it, and yelling at the players, and I actually know what's going on most of the time now! It's entertaining to me, which I find exciting. :-) I know, i know, silliness.

So last night turned out to be pretty fun. I got to dress up to be a door whore at Psi U. I found that when I wear my comfy push up bra and this one 'boosting' tank top together, I have boobs... like wow, look-at-my-chest-and-not-my-eyes, boobs. It was kind of fun, just for the night, to actually dress to impress. And it's funny watching the reactions of the guys, all used to seeing me in T-shirts, when they see that yes, I really am female, and really do have breasts. Although the shaddy southside guy, who was old enough to be my father mind you, who followed me around A*harts... well, that could have been done without. But it was still a good day, and that actually was slightly flattering.

But back to the fact that it's Tuesday. Tonight I'm having dinner with my "Little Sister" QinQin. I'm very excited because, for one, it's an inspiration to cook a good meal, and two, we haven't gotten to really talk since the first time we met, and I would like find out more about my Chinese counterpart. :-) So that will come later tonight. And of course we have the fact that today Stella and I finally have our Modern class is pretty nice. I'm excited to see what the teacher will be like, and if I'm going to make an ass of myself this semester!!

Well, I'm kind of bored with myself right now, and I'm sure you are too... so I'm just going to stop here for now. Maybe later I can actually type something with substance and thoughtfulness!

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