It's very weird when you think you know people... and then you find out all these things about them that you didn't realize. And when they act one why for so long that when they change some, even if its for the better, it feels wrong. I'm so frustrated right now, and I have absolutely no reason to be. None. I'm annoyed though with all those people out there who have gone and change, and who aren't acting like "themselves"... and I'm frustrated with the fact that I don't know why they are acting differently. But mostly I'm frustrated with myself and the fact that I have not been able to do what they have done. I've not had the accomplishments. I've not had the grades. I've not had the resume builders, or the financial resources. I'm so glad that I get to see Travis tonight, because I need a huge hug... I need to be held and feel loved, and I need to feel like everything is going to be okay. If only for a minute or two.

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