what a weekend!!! (pt2)

So, after the Bachlorette Party ended we all passed out in our rooms at the loverly Crown Plaza hotel. Well, actually my roommate didn't pass out, she had sex... in the next bed... with my laying there awake... But details details!! Luckily Trav called me at that point from the Bachlor Party (in a Holiday Inn a few streets away) which was also ended, so when he asked me how I was, I told him that I was fine except for my roommate having sex in the next bed! :-D They got a lot quieter after that. Anyway, then it was time for some precious little sleep... (about 4 hours that night because my stupid ass body woke me up at about 8 o'clock am!).

we all eventually woke up and the girls and guys coordinated to check out of our hotels and meet up at Mary's parents place to head to lunch from there. We went to this nice golf club place right down the road and had an awesome lunch, then went back to Mary's until it was time to check into the Radisson, at 3, where everything else was being held. After we checked in we all tried to get a little less scuzzy and then my roommates (jon, ed, and trav) and I headed to the bar until the Rehearsal dinner at 6. Rehearsal dinner was awesome... this guy played music, and toward the end did this funny game show type game. The food was so good with ribs, fried chicken, cornbread, and samon. And desert of pecan pie and apple crisp. Of course, the open bar also assisted with the good times. After all that was over around 9 or so, we headed back to the hotel to take off our nice clothes and hit the bar. There we met the best bartender ever whom we called Captain. He was full of jokes and had our drinks down in no time flat... and even showed us some magic tricks! By the end of the night I could walk up to him and say, "one for me and one for my boy" and he had us covered, no explaining needed! Sleepy time after last call. And after way too much money down the drain!! Lol. ;-)

D-day for Mary and Casey... a bunch of the guys get up to go golfing with Casey. Trav and I decided to sleep in instead (neither of us can really golf anyway)! The wedding was to take place at 4:30, so after waking up and getting some lunch with Stu, we basically relax and got ready for the rest of the time. Okay, so the wedding... it was beautiful and very sweet. Mary looked beautiful in an off the shoulder satin gown with a see thru over lay on the skirt and a flowing train. Her bridesmaids all looked good in their soft green dresses as well. The guys looked great in their tuxes, and any Psi U there can tell you that we should all be impress with how they cleaned up!! As for the ceremony itself, it was a short one... but it was perfect that way. No one ever wondered how much longer, and it was still very romantic. Mary and Casey both got choked up as they said their vows, and I know that I had tears in my eyes too! Oh, and I had it in confidence from one of my good friends who was a groomsman... he wasn't dry eyed either. After that we headed to the Reception in a Huge room down the hall. I filled up on so many delicious hor'devors that I could hardly eat my dinner... which was also wonderful. And of course, there was the open bar!! Everyone danced... including my boyfriend, halleluah! :-) In fact, watching him try to sachet with Casey's mom while they were both wearing blow up clown shoes (compliments of Mr.B the DJ), was definitely one of the highlights of the evening for me! Another fun thing was getting the "Lehigh picture"... which obviously included Mary and Casey, and Mike, Elliot, Bromley, Meg M., and Pat - all from the wedding party, then there was Mary's dad, an aunt, and someone else in the family (i think), along with one of their family friends. All who went to Lehigh (a bit before us!). Then the guests... Rochelle, Pat, Jon, Ed, Kerrie and Squirrel, Grant, Stu, Trav and myself. Definitely a fun picture... and overall an incredible time.
After the reception we all headed back to the hotel. A bunch of us helped get Casey and Mary up to their Presidential suite in the hotel with all of their new stuff and then headed off to change. After that it was back to the hotel bar for another night hanging out with the Captain until last call!

A little rougher to wake up this morning, although my body again screwed with me and I was showering by 8:30. We were all up by 9:30 and showering to get ready for check out at 11, and brunch. A family friend of Mary's had everyone over for that. Then it was time to head home. Mike, Ed, and Jon were in one car... and Trav and I were in mine (with a brand new full tank of gas!). We all headed to Mike's (so Trav could grab his car), where we hung out until 7 or so before heading up to Lehigh. So I guess that's about all! It was definitely a good weekend, and a nice break from school. It was also such a sweet thing to see. If you'll bear with my sappiness for a second I can explain a reason why this weekend meant so much to me. First off, it was fun watching another "Psi U couple" get married... but especially since they got pinned right before Travis and I did. It's almost like they are an inspiration to us. We both told them this weekend that they give us a hint of what we have to look forward to. But yea, I won't make you listen to that anymore... ;-) And as this entry is very long, I think this would be a nice place to end it anyway!!


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