what a weekend!!

So here it is, another Monday. I can't believe it's only the second week of school. It already feels like we've been here for too long already. Of course I know that all too soon the time will be flying and I'll want it to slow down. Never quite happy, we stupid human's are... but anyway, I didn't want to get into that. What I wanted to do was tell you about my awesome weekend.

This weekend was Mary and Casey's wedding, and it was incredible. First off I left Thursday afternoon to attend the Bachlorette Party, in what turned out to be the most horrible trip ever! Luckily the weekend made up for the trip there because this is how badly my ride to Harrisburg went. First off I had it all planned out. I was going to leave at 2ish, right after being done with work. I was going to go and get my tires replaced and my oil changed, because both really needed to be done... and doing it before the 100 + mile trip seemed a good idea. So I get home and low and behold I'm blocked into the driveway. This is not a huge deal, except that I couldn't find Stella in the bookstore to let me out! So by the time I found her and moved the cars and returned her keys it was almost 3! (side note: this contains no ill will to Stella, it was definitly not her fault... it was just one of those things) I figure out that I'm only going to be able to get one of the two things done and decide to go with the tires considering I really couldn't drive above 30 in the rain with my old tires on. So I head to Sears tire service and talk to the guy... explaining my rush he checks out the statis of the garage and determines that they can have me out of there in an hour, no problem! That would be cutting it a little close, but I figure that's good enough. So I sit down to wait... and wait. . . . and wait! Two hours later they are finally done. Of course, I am none too happy about this. In fact it's fair to say that if that man hadn't conviently disappeared while I was waiting, he would have conviently ended up with one of my old tires shoved up his ass!

Finally I get on the road at 5 o'clock... I was supposed to be in Harrisburg (a 1.5 hour drive) between 5 and 6. So when I hit the road, I really hit the road. Thank God I didn't get pulled over because I didn't do below 70 the whole time... and for most of the ride I was doing much higer then that! I would have made it in an hour. I say would have except that 1 mile from my exit (which is only 5-10 minutes from the hotel we were meeting and staying at) my car dies. I will tell you why, but let me first tell you that I am not one of those stupid girls that doesn't pay attention to her car or know anything about her car. Well, in my haste I didn't pay enough attention to my gas gauge, and I had driven most of those 100 + miles to Harrisburg on fumes. So I then sat on hold with AAA for 30 minutes... after which I sat on the side of the road waiting for AAA for another 75 minutes! Finally I was able to complete my trip and arrive at the hotel around 8. How fun is that.

At least now the fun part really starts! :-)
When I caught up with the girls they were at a sports bar named Kokomo's. That place was great! Good food, and cheap at that! So we ate and drank and made sure Mary was constantly entertained! Then it was time to move on, so we headed down the street to Eclipse... which is an awesome bar/dance club. On the stage was this particularly horrid looking man doing the funniest dance ever. This ended up being where we stayed most of the night, because it was definitely way too much fun there. After that we hit another club called Dragonfly... but they played almost all rap and their drinks were expensive, and it was a little shaddy. So we headed back to Eclipse. And there we stayed until Mary was about to fall over around quarter of 2 or so in the morning. After that we chilled in the hotel for a while and played Bachlorette type games for a bit. There is more to it, but that would take forever... so let's just put it this way: Definitely a fun night!

Okay... i'm going to take a break, then type the rest of the weekend in another entry!!

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