can't believe its already the 12th!

I can't believe how fast January is going by... school starts in a week, and it will be my last semester ever (thank God!). I have so much to get done before then... or at least that's how it feels. Hmm... I need to clean my room so badly. You can't even walk in it right now. After I brought all my stuff in there from the holidays, then it all just got piled on top of that, and now its to the point of ridiculousness. So I really need to do that or I won't even be able to function when school starts.
I also need to buy my books, and get the rest of the house a bit nicer before Megan comes home from crew. She saw it briefly before she left, but I'm afraid if she really has to come home to our humble sh*t-hole, then she will pack up and move out!!
At least though it is nice and quiet around her, and my various chores will give me something to do while my hobags are away. Ho-hum. I really feel like no matter how much I have tried for the past month, time has simply stood still. Its a bit weird and a little unnerving. I've begun looking at an apartment guide to see what kind of places are out their for Trav and I... but no job to speak of yet, so its rather difficult to really determine where around Philly we should be. And I have of course, resigned to the fact that I'm not going to be using my degree at all. Which sucks. But all I really want is to get a job... if i'm paid, I'm happy. As long as Trav and I have enough to live on with enough left over to save some, I'm happy.

If anyone has an leads in Philly which they can't use, past them on to me!!

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