Hmm... so it is week two of classes and already I am counting down the days to Spring Break... not too long to go. God, I hope it doesn't take forever! I'm in the library right now, trying to get some work done and hopefully end up ahead of the game. If I keep procrastinating, that definitely won't happen! A little bit never hurt anyone though.
There is so much to look forward to in the near future: Willy's Birthday and Superbowl this weekend, Mike-Tucchi-Phil-& my Brother's birthday's next week (that's right, all in the next week), Morimoto's next weekend, Valentine's Day the weekend after that... hmm, taking my bro to Broadway sometime after that, Tucchi visiting, Spring Break, and before I know it end of classes, Italy with Hannah, and then Graduation!! Damn.

Right now though, I just have to worry about getting my shit taken care of, enjoying my new tattoo, and trying to figure out which pompous ass to vote for. Don't even get me started on that... lol. ;-) Well, off to get some work done. Show me you care!

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