its that time of month... (no, not that time)

Well, it seems that my updating has been downsized to once a month. Too many things to do, too little time to do it in. This past month has been crazy hectic!!! First there was Spring Break, which was so much fun, and just incredible. The sun, the warmth, the fun drunken nights. It was a truly great time. Then I come back to school and it is sheer madness. The amount of work to get done, ugh. I've been living in the library ever since. Which, if you read my info/away messages, you know! I've deteriorated from just being in the library, into something reminicant of tourture, and the library is my chamber. As Lauren put it, "I'm so happy that you relax on the weekends because your away messages made me thing I would find you hanging yourself in the corner of the library one of these nights." It has just been that much fun.

On a lighter note, this month has also found me being pursued by a UPS man (he's cute)... to which I had to nicely tell him that "no, I really do love my boyfriend and want to stay with him (travis him)", and "no, I would not have an affair with him (UPS man him)". It at least made me laugh... especially after I saw him today while on my way to the library, and finally established that travis is the man, and he could only be my friend, and promises of no shaddiness. Ahhh yes.
Unfortunately today also marks the again postponement of my dream of working for the government, as this was the date that I was supposed to hear back from them by, if I was going to be continuing with the process of getting a job. I am sad about this, but I'm not going to let it ruin my day. Right now I'm almost looking forward to graduating and being "unemployed" for a little... (the quotes because there is no way I will be truly unemployed; if need be I will continue with one or two of my three current part-time jobs until I find something permanant.) I mean, obviously I would rather find something and know exactly what I would be doing, and where my money will be coming from... travis and I will be moving in together and I don't want to put unnecessary pressure on him (financially or otherwise). But if that is not possible, then I realize that stressing about the situation will resolve it no faster.

Well, anyway... I should really get back to work. So far my day has been pretty productive; however I just realized that my first paper (of many) is due in just two weeks! So, I figure I should get my ass moving on that. Wish me luck and leave me love.


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