a real place of our own

So the next new adventure...
After a weekend with Travis' parents, and much discussion/debate, we are finally in agreement with them that perhaps it would be better to go for a house instead of another apartment when we move in June. With what we are paying for rent right now, we could be paying for a mortgage on a place of our own. Then instead of rent being like throwing money away, its an investment instead. We have the resources for a nice sized down-payment... and doing it now would still give us time to plan/save for the wedding. So it seems that as of last night, Sunday the 23rd (hey, one month of engagement!), we are officially house hunting.
Nothing really big... just a 2 or so bedroom townhouse would be just perfect. Enough so that we have a place of our own, a place to start off with (until kid time perhaps)... but not too big that we are lost in it or that it is half-empty. This is very exciting. We've been thinking about it for a long time, but this weekend we really weighed out the pros and cons... the money we will be saving, the same time the debt we will be tying ourselves to. Our own place, having to do our own up keep. With all that, we've decided to really go for it. It makes sense for us. Not to say that if we don't find something by moving time, we will settle. No, if that's the case we will go with an apartment for the time being. But I don't think that we will have that problem... I really couldn't be more excited about the future, and about our plans.
(As ST would say, "How grown up".)

So if anyone is interested in assisting in the wedding planning or house hunting... you just let me know!!!!!!

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