Wow, 2005.

Wow, I can't believe it is 2005 already! I mean... it was just Halloween yesterday, wasn't it?
This year has gone so fast and been so amazing, and I really can't believe it is over. It has held so much...

having surgury in feb.
graduation in may
moving to the Philly area with Trav and Mike
getting my first 9-5
turning 22
seeing the Eagles play
going to China
voting in my first Presidential election
cursing the outcome of the election
celebrating 4 years with Trav
watching Pat & Ro get engaged
getting engaged myself!

And those were just the "biggies". That's not even including the ever changing relationships with all those I love. The realizations of who really is/isn't my friends, and then the re-realization of who is/isn't my friends! Not including completely adjusting my life by moving from Lehigh, which had been my home for the previous four years, to come down to West Chester. And then falling in love with Philly, and with my new life with Travis. Of course there was also the changing and void that occured due to the natural seperation that happens when you suddenly don't live within 10 minutes walking distance of 95% of your closest friends. My complete lack of phone-drive doesn't help either... since most of my calls consist of calling Mike or Trav to ask such banal things as "who's getting the milk?" or "what's for dinner tonight?" But its nice to realize as well, that the named seperation doesn't mean ending friendships... as referenced by my impromtu visit and the following 30 minutes spent in a semi-circle on the bathroom floor, talking and laughing (Lauren!)... and by the great shopping trip with Stella (whom I still need to give her Christmas present to!). I guess these are all just things that are a natural progression of life, and as they say "c'est la vie".

(Okay, just looked around and realized I need to clean the apartment... it is so messy. It looks like Christmas morning here, boxes thrown about, presents under our 2 foot fiber-optic tree, empty champagne bottles, and pieces of paper. But that is a side note really.)

I really am happy right now though. My job, though still just on the okay side of unbearable, is at least secure. And my coworkers couldn't be more wonderful (as referenced by the dozen pink roses in a vase on our dining room table)... so they are they only thing that make work managable. Home arrangement are okay... Mike and Megan V. are doing great, so he is up there a lot. Trav and I like that they are happy, and like that we have all that time to ourselves! Living with Mike is nice, but we are very excited for getting our own place. It's just time. Plus I think that we all shouldn't really live together... he's a great guy, but we're just too different. Or too much the same, I haven't really decided. But that too is fine for now.

Trav and I are wonderful. Truly enjoying our time together and this new stage in our relationship. The engagement and the holidays really made us realize what is and isn't important for our relationship, and we appreciate what we have now, so much more. It's hard to explain, but there is this new comfort level, and a new relaxation about doing special things for each other. It comes so easily.

There is so much more to write about too... details of the engagement, of Christmas, of last night. So many days have come and gone since I last wrote in here... but its just too beautiful at the moment to try to think about them. I don't want to worry about details now.
So I'll close for now, and say love to all... enjoy this gorgeous new years day. Hopefully this is a sign of what the new year is to bring... I would love that.

Ciao 2004!!!

Ni Hao 2005!!!!!!!!!!

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