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I just read this on a weatherbug question page... and it seems really bizare to me. I guess i just hadn't paid that much attention to it before. I've just always found it a little odd how humans try to make the natural world fit in with our schedules and rigors. Nature is untamed and naturally sporatic, and certainly follows its own rhythm, which is not ours. Even babies have to be "trained" to sleep at certain times, and walk and eat at certain times... it doesn't just come naturally.
Well, I suppose I should let you read what the hell I'm talking about anyway:

Question: I have noticed over a long period of time that the day lengthens by either 2 or 3 minutes. Why is there no set pattern as to the time the day gets longer?
Answer: The answer to this question is quite complex, but I will try to simplify it as much as I can. The heart of the answer is because sun moves across earth’s sky at an uneven rate due to the earth being round, tilting on its axis and having an elliptical orbit around the sun. Because of those three factors, the length of time between “Noon” (the moment when the sun is at its peak in the sky) one day, to “Noon” the next day, is not always 24 hours. Depending on the season, the time when the sun is at its peak (“Noon”) can be up to 16 minutes ahead or behind of a given location’s 12:00pm time. Over the course of a year, the average amount of time in a solar day is nearly 24 hours (though every 4 years, we add a leap day to keep this accurate). Therefore, due to the sun’s position in the sky in your city on any given day, the number of minutes of daylight added and subtracted to your sunrise and sunset varies. We notice the uneven distribution of minutes most around the summer and winter equinoxes.

Anyway, that was just a random little aside. Just thought it was a little odd.

So i've felt very off lately (hence the last post... that came out of the blue). I don't know if its a combination of all the stuff going on right now, all the changes... but I have just felt like my emotions are out of wack. I mean, right now we are in the final stages of moving to the new house. In fact, tomorrow Mike is coming over to help us take the bed and my dresser to the house, and our cars will be packed with the last things (clothes, foods, alarm clocks, and toiletries) that are left at the apartment. Then that is it. We paid the place so that they will just do the cleaning for us, so we don't have to go back for that. So once we make sure we have all our stuff on Wednesday night, we're outta there... we aren't going back. Its just so hard to believe that a whole year has passed. A year of living down here, and working at FPRI... Graduation really pushed that home too. Wow. Then there is Rochelle and Pat's wedding, and getting our puppy... Andy and Megan's wedding too.
As you've probably noticed, none of these things are at all bad (except maybe the unpacking!), but they are all changes. Buying a house probably the biggest (for us obviously). There are other small things though... stuff that if you looked at them on a daily basis, you probably wouldn't even notice. Like friendships growing apart. Stuff that maybe I can't pin point to one specific event, but that I notice and feel just as acutely. Maybe that is why I've felt so off lately... all of these awesome things in my life, and yet there is just enough there to make me feel left behind, unimportant, worthless. Plus there is always the money stuff, which I actually feel like I shouldn't complain about. We are just fine... we don't make as much as some people, but we are doing just fine. We aren't down to the bottom of the barrel or anything, but we certainly aren't overflowing either. And with our wedding coming up next year... and us going to have to pay for 90% of the thing ourselves... well, lets just say that Vegas is looking better and better.
Well, anyway. C'est la vie... really we're doing great. Trav and I are very happy, and we're only getting closer through all the house projects, etc. And I got to see Laura and the quads yesterday which was probably the absolute best part of the day. Laura looks great and her tummy is getting so big. Only about a month and a half left (July 5th) until Baby Malnight gets here! Very exciting!!
Okay, I have to get back to work. More when I can.

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