Croc Hunter

I will admit it... I was never a big fan of Steve Irwin. He was a bit too much for me. The wide eyed looks, the "crikey", the fanatical waving of hands infront of an already "he looks angry" snake. But all that aside, when I would yell at the TV encouraging the croc that Steve happened to be annoying at the time to bite his arm off already... I didn't mean it. And now I feel horribly. His wife is without a husband, his two small kids (the oldest only) without a father, and hundreds of animals without this amazing conservationist to save them. It hits me hard enough to move me literally to tears. It was a freak accident, and it was, in my eyes, a painfully ironic kind of way for him to die.

Maybe I'm just extra sappy because of my impending nuptials. Maybe the return from such a great weekend to a rain soaked, dreary PA has thrown me off. But I am actually quite sad about Steve's death. Whatever you thought of his shows, what he did for this planet is undenyable. If we all put forth a 100th of the effort that he did, we would have no more endangered animals and this earth would be strong again. My prayers are with his family.

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