i know, i know...

I know I promised you a post about an actual topic... but I have pictures! And isn't that so much better?! And quite honestly, this very much feels like a monday in that I have NO energy for typing up something lengthy which requires thought.

First, Vegas!
Pink Taco
My hoes and I, eating at the Pink Taco.

Our hotel/casino... Excalibur.

New York New York.

Next, my makeup trial:
Hello Eyes
Hottie?! :-) (Sorry its blurry.)

From the meeting with the seamstress (obviously not my dress!)...
Hot Mama
My hot mama, getting her dress pinned. She looks great!

And our latest project... the Do-It-Yourself Photo Guestbook:
The cover.

One of the pages.

Autumn Leaves
A close up of one of the photo pockets with pretty autumn paper.

What do you think?

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