one single moment

We went for a walk the other weekend. It was a mild day and we needed to get out of the house. The temptation of water ice at the apex of our walk was a nice incentive too.

Gwen took a turn at walking Daisy, then alternated between holding my hand and running ahead. At one point she ran almost to the end of the block, so I yelled up to her to wait for us. She turned towards me then, face erupting in a sun drenched smile, and ran to me, all streaming golden hair and lanky limbs. When she got close, I scooped her up and we continued on.

My little girl is growing so quickly. That moment. The grin, the running, the all encompassing expression of her love, the gorgeous lack of self-consciousness... I know these moments are fleeting. Too soon she will be running to friends, she'll be too big to carry, too aware of everyone else to hold my hand. I do my best not to fret about that future (to instead drink in these times now), it will be here soon enough and I'll deal with it then.

I know it is all fleeting.

But oh, that moment.

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