Easter in DC

Can I even explain to you what the arrival of spring meant to me this year? I'm always happy for it, but this winter especially has felt eternal. I needed spring for its burst of warmth and light, and the accompanying burst of happiness. Easter is one of those things that feels so quintessentially Spring to me!

This year, as many past, we headed to DC to visit with "Gruncle Wray," a much enjoyed tradition. Gwen was excited enough by that, but add in the fact that Uncle Epie and Aunt Elise are back in DC this year to join us, and it was just that much better.

Both days were full of family, but Saturday especially was especially so. My cousin, Ian, and his wife came over, then my cousin Megan (who was one of my best friends growing up, before she became my cousin by marriage) and her family, and finally much of my Aunt Susie's family who were also in town visiting.

Gwen enjoyed many many snuggles. She especially couldn't get enough of Gruncle Wray and was in his lap every chance she got.

Sunday dawned too early for me (Gwen was up for the day at 5:45... oye), but we filled the hours with wonderful food, Easter fun, and more family. My cousin Brendan stopped over, and Ethan and Elise came by as well.

It was a wonderful, satisfying, fill up my soul and refresh my very being kind of trip. I'm so looking forward to our next trip down in July for my brother's wedding!!

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