fresh air and card sharking

These past few weeks its finally warmed up. The grass is deep, lush, and so soft to walk on. There are buds and leaves and flowers popping up everywhere. Last weekend we were even outside in shorts and t-shirts!

One of our favorite things to do lately is to drag a blanket outside to lounge around playing cards and enjoying the fresh air.

Gwen has become quite the card shark! She taught us a game called Trash (like this, but in our version Jacks are wild) which she learned at school, and we will play it for hours!

Of course sometimes this happens...
which puts a temporary hold on the game!

These days are so great. Lazy, refreshing, relaxing. Days I love looking back on when the weeks are long and stressful.

After a long, cold winter stuck in doors... it feels good to breathe fresh warm air, and feel the sun and breeze on our skin.

And it feels good just to be silly together.

The big trips and plans are fun, but these simple days are just as important.

Happy Spring all.

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