After the Rain

Spring is full of storms. Rains that blow in and last for hours. Lashing the windows, drenching the grass... and anyone unlucky enough to have to walk through them. Life's stresses can feel like that sometimes too. They sweep in and knock you right off your feet. They feel endless and suffocating.

But... the rains always stop.

It took a recent literal rainstorm to remind me of that. 

At some point the clouds drift away, the wind dies down, and the sun peeks out.

A day or two later, you notice something. The grass is thicker, lusher, greener.

So too with us. Eventually the stresses get resolved, and we are stronger for them.

The storm, it turns out, served a purpose.

Sometimes I need a reminder of that... but its true, the sun always pokes back out again in the end.

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