Last Day of Kindergarten

9 months ago Gwen bravely walked in the front door of a brand new school, in a brand new state, to her first day of primary school. She was nervous, but brave and excited. I bawled my whole walk home.

First Day
Last Day:

I wish I could go back and tell that me not to be scared. That there would be bumps along the way, but that on the last day of school I'd be happily bringing home a girl that has grown to love her school, have great friends in her class, and be a hard worker who excelled.

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I should have expected no less, but there was so much "new" in those days, and I had no idea what to expect. Neither did she. But what we've found is that she loves homework, is an amazing reader and writer (consistently ahead in vocab), enjoys math and social studies.

Gwen and her teacher.
Even better... she is respectful, sets a good example for her peers, and is a great friend.

Two months until 1st grade (HOMG!), and I'm going to feel a lot more confident watching her walk in that door.

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