YTT Graduate - Officially a Yoga Teacher!

I can't believe it, but after many months of crazy days, crazy nights, homework, practice, projects, and so. much. new. information... this past Saturday I officially graduated from yoga teacher training. 

The day itself was beautiful and emotional. It was a true celebration of the past 5 months together.

I'm going to miss seeing my friends two nights a week, every week. I'm going to miss the special connection. The learning, the intense conversation, the focus.

But emotionally, and physically, it was time for it to be over. I'm a little exhausted, and ready to have my nights back. I'm also proud and excited and nervous and ...

If I had to boil it down, my mantra over the past 5 months was probably, "Embrace. Survive. Learn." Life was just so busy and full. Now I get to take the next two months to travel and regroup, and in those months to adjust my mindset from student to teacher!

My first student... :-)

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