An Ode to Daisy

The 23rd of March was International Puppy Day, and while I'm not getting this out anywhere near that day, I did want to take the time to type a little ode to Daisy. 

What a sweet pup we have, and I'm not sure exactly what we did to deserve her, but I'm so grateful! She's an alarm clock, waking Trav up right around the same time every morning. She's an ever willing walk companion (she's loving these spring days as much as any of us!). She's a snuggler and my gentle beast. She's a sucker for ear rubs, butt scratches, and ice cubes as treats.

Every night she sweetly and willingly (though maybe not excitedly) follows Gwen into the bathroom to keep her company while she gets herself ready for bed. When either Trav or I are out, Daisy very excitedly fills that extra spot in bed.

I remember bringing her home 8 years ago, taking a week off of work to help her acclimate and train the basics. I would be in tears some nights because she needed so much. Now, I can't imagine my days without her. She's my furry shadow, my loving companion.

Happy Belated Puppy Day, Daisy!

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