Life has felt immensely full of change lately. I completed my last certifying birth and have been organizing and preparing my certification packet. I was hired for another birth as well, booking me up through mid-August! I've been busy busy busy, and we're preparing for more travel next month and the end of the school year. My Babs got engaged too!

The biggest change though has been that the past few weeks, as I headed to my home yoga studio to take class, it was not from my favorite yoga teacher (and one of my best friends). After probably almost a year of going to the same classes with the same teacher 2x a week, every week, this is quite the change indeed.

The one constant in this world is change. There were times in my life when change was much desired, but felt so far out of reach. I was my previous profession for 11 years, and in our old house for 10 years. I felt like change was very far away, I felt a little trapped. If only I knew what was on the horizon! Now, 3/4 of a country from that life, it feels like change is an ever present companion! It is amazing and challenging and life-giving! There are days that change still feels scary and surprising and maybe a little unwelcome. But most of the time now, I've come to the point where I can let things flow and know that life is going to play out in amazing ways that I can't even begin to foresee! I have a lot of trust in the universe, and it has taken me and is going to take me to some amazing places this year. During all the change of the past few years, my best friends have been a loving and stable constant that keep me secure and grounded. @xohiyatootsie (#forlife ) and @maram_yogini (pictured here keeping me physically grounded!) provide a beautiful bedrock to my existence!! With these beauties by my side (physically or emotionally), I cannot wait to see what changes come next!! 😍😘💙🙌🏻 . . . . . . . . #soulsister #sisterfromanothermister #bff #change #changeisgood #trusttheuniverse #yoga #yogini #yogagram #yogawithfriends #partneryoga #yogaeverydamnday #forearmstand #backbend #openheart #tattooedyogi #tattooedgirls #pinchamayurasana #standingbackbend #bluehair #bluehairdontcare #bendy #strongwomen #latergram #bestfriendgoals #longhair
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Her reasons for leaving are amazing and positive (though the way the leaving went down for her was way less then positive)! They are the best possible changes (a super exciting move/travel). I'm so excited for all the big amazing plans that Marissa has coming up. But I'm also sad!

Almost since we first met, this girl has been my anchor here in my new state. She has been a constant, loving presence. She's been a friend, and has pushed me to grow in my yoga practice, and personally. Thinking about her not being here in Colorado anymore, well that's just crazy to me. We will keep being soul sisters, mail and skype and calls work, but I'll miss her hugs and smiles and her jazz hands.

The only constant in life is change, right?

This change will work out, like all the others have, but I won't pretend that it doesn't make me a little sad.

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