Mornings On the Balcony

Our little balcony is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to be in our whole apartment. In the mornings especially as they are wonderfully crisp and chilly, Daisy and I slip out there to sit and breathe in all the fresh air.

Its quiet from our balcony, since we're in the back of our building, overlooking some townhouses, and a path. Especially at that time of morning when some people are just waking up, while others have jetted off to work already, it came seem like Daisy and I are the only ones around. There's tons of blue sky to take in, some soft morning breezes which tickle our wind chimes into chorus, and of course the greens and bright colors of my container garden. 

Our new morning routine often has me eating my breakfast after Gwen has been walked to school, which means I'm rather hungry, but that does allow me the time to really stretch out and enjoy the process of sipping, eating, savoring. I often take a book or magazine out, in the hopes of stirring up some inspiration to start my day.

Its not super fancy out there. We sit on folding camp chairs, and use a small, discarded old side table as a spot to rest our cups! I do plan to eventually buy some more aesthetically pleasing furniture, maybe with big, thick outdoor cushions; but it doesn't matter really. The vibe - if not the look - that I want, is already there.

I look forward to to many more crisp mornings on the porch before the snows come and it gets too cold to spend much time there. Maybe the sweet beast and I will just have to make a little nest by the doors then to sit in and gaze at our outdoor sanctuary!

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