Tying Up Loose Ends

Since I pre-publish 99% of my posts now, sometimes by the time they go live circumstances have already changed and we've moved on or finished up or changed up a routine already. So, as we move into September (holy smokes), finishing off our third week of school, here is a right now up-to-date update! Hopefully tying up some loose ends from other posts.

--  My attempt at reconnecting with healthy routine is going strong after a bit of a hiatus while on the road. I'm back to green smoothies, lots of fruits and veggies, and lean proteins. I've adjusted my yoga schedule to accommodate a change in the schedule at my home studio, but it actually nets me another yoga class a week, so that works out!

--  New school times are working out okay. The morning is definitely more rushed then it used to be, but we're getting used to it. It allows me a little more quiet time when I get home in the morning, as its an hour or more until a lot of places open and I normally wait to eat my breakfast until I get home. I also lose time for errands in the afternoon though, and its definitely more of a rush if I have a lunch meeting, and I can't do much in the way of meetings in the afternoon unless I sign Gwen up for after school care. We do have more time for homework and relaxing after school though! 

So, its an adjustment for sure, but overall its been going well. I think by the end of the month this schedule will all feel old hat!

As for school itself, Gwen is doing amazing. She's coming home with good reports everyday, and enjoys her teacher so far. We've settled into a routine with homework and reading, and she's shown some amazing maturity with choices around lunch. I can't wait to see how the rest of the year goes.

--  My mental health is still stubbornly glad... most of the time. 😏 More time for myself during the day, a return to that wellness routine, and just a commitment to honoring my mental health - wherever it may be - all helps, and overall I'm feeling really good.

Life has been very busy lately, and more then a little stressful, so I'm not going to pretend that things are perfect. They aren't and I have some days that I just want to run away! Ha! But I know that some of the big things are going to be done with soon, and that life will calm down.

--  Our new neighbors downstairs are quite lovely. Its nice to know they are there if we need them, and its amazing having a little friend nearby that Gwen can go outside to play with. Its amazing to me that Gwen is to the age that I can let her out to play right below our place, and it easier to trust that when she has a friend to run around with. I've always daydreamed about living in a safe, quiet area that allows me to let Gwen have these little freedoms.

--  Parenthood is going much more smoothly in general as well. Having a little bit of space from each other during the day makes a HUGE difference. We're working on communicating more effectively and considerately, and in a way that preempts an in the moment blow-up. It takes more effort, but the rewards are immediate and exponential.

We are excited to see each other at the end of the day again, and can't wait to talk about our days.

--  Our plants are still alive, huzzah! In fact, some of them are thriving! A little breakdown, as much for my knowledge next year, as for your information...

My shade coleus and trailing red mezoo are absolutely amazing! I definitely will be planting those again.

My sun coleus, basil, and dragons wings begonias are all doing good. The sun coleus and begonias could use some more room, so I'd switch up how they were planted next time.

The freesia died, as did a different varietal of begonias, so I won't do those again.
I did add a lovely little indoor fig tree to my collection, a birthday present from a friend!

I'm very happy with my garden progression from last year to this year!

--  Creating is still on my mind... it looks to be a very handmade Christmas this year! I can't wait to share more, but after Christmas obviously! Let's just say, I'm gathering supplies and preparing to start mixing, melting, and creating some lovely items for my favorite people.

--  Matcha lattes are still the shiz. 😋

Seriously, they are a huge part of my healthy routine now. It not just the nutrients they deliver, but the whole process of creating it. The measuring, mixing, blending, and pouring; its comforting and familiar. I alternate them with smoothie days, often adding eggs and a fruit or veggie to make a filling, healthy breakfast.

And I think that's all the lose ends!

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