And then we ate out...

We have been going out more then usual lately! It wasn't exactly intentional, but we had a number of things pop up in the past two weeks (when Gwen also happened to be out of school for 4 out of the 10 days...), and I subbed 5 extra classes.

This in addition to Hamilton, which I already briefly recapped. What else have we gone out for? Well...

Last weekend we headed out to see Black Panther, I'd heard amazing things about it and it was a movie I really wanted to support in theaters. It did NOT disappoint!

The movie was gorgeous, the actors phenomenal, and the story fast paced and gripping.

We also took a weekend drive to a town about an hour away just so that we could get poutine! (It came with spare ribs on it... totally worth the drive.)

We went out to eat a few days later for Restaurant Week as well, where Gwen tried to eat my face when I kissed her and I got a lamb shank bigger then my fist.

Finally, this isn't about going out... but it is about food. March 1st was St. David's Day, and I had to celebrate my Welsh heritage with some red dress and some Welsh Rarebit.

Cymru am byth!

Things slow down a bit this week... just in time for me to go on call! What a life!  😊

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