We never seem to get to celebrate our Equinox and Solstice celebrations on the actual day of. One of us working, mostly, but other events occasionally. Tuesday night I worked, and Trav's brother Andy was flying into town as well, so we celebrated Ostara on Monday evening... even though it looked like this when we woke up!:

(Oh Colorado...)

Ostara is all about balance, the light and dark, day and night, are even on the first day of spring. Its a time of rebirth and awakening. We celebrate with pastel colors, eggs, seeds, and flowers.

And light, of course, we always celebrate with light! Candles, and I smudged the house with sage. (We'd gotten some good spring cleaning in a few days prior.)

I made ham, cheese, and spinach quiche; and a honey cake. We had berries, fruits, sunflower seeds, and elder flower sparklers. Gwen got some robin's eggs as a treat since she doesn't eat regular eggs.

And on Tuesday morning, the actual day of Ostara, I celebrated with a nice with breakfast, that made me very happy indeed.

I hope that your spring brings growth, balance, and so much light into your life! Happy Ostara!!

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