Breakfast Light

Winter is a whole different beast, when the light is long, low, less effective. But the rest of the year, the slow rise of the sun over the buildings warms me and wakes me and smells green and yellow, like grass and dried corn. Its breezes like butterfly wings flapping, and feels like a pause.

I have time to savor food, not just breakfast fare like sausage link and bagels, but anything that calls to me. Round, ripe blueberries are some of my favorite... plump to bursting, like fragrant bubbles. Or savory, salty ramen; hot and filling and comforting in a way a piece of toast will never be. Matcha, fresh and earthy, rounds out whatever I'm eating.

I wrote this years ago, and Colorado no longer feels unfamiliar, but its somehow still fitting. 

"3.5 months ago we got in our cars and started driving. We drove away from our house, from our state, from life as we knew it. We drove and drove and drove. Some days here feel so normal and boring, but most days it still feels like we are covering endless miles not knowing exactly what to expect next. It's a fun adventure, but it's also tiring. There are times like tonight that I want to go back to familiar PA, spread out a blanket, lay on the ground, and feel rooted again. Instead I'll go to sleep and hoped for a day of grounding connectedness tomorrow."

The morning, after Gwen is in school and Trav is at work, before I really have to rush into the day is the time when I feel most rooted, most at peace. Rolling flavors around my mouth, feeling warm sun, cool breezes, my mind can still and I feel connected to something bigger.

Lunch is often rushed, and dinner is a family affair, but breakfast... breakfast is my time.


I write this in winter, when its too cold to eat on the porch, my favorite breakfast spot. But I'm counting down to warmer days, getting excited about the extra light that's sticking around in the evening. Imbolc, the halfway point between Yule and Ostara, was a month ago, the countdown is well on. I can't wait to celebrate the new season with our traditional meal, as well as my own morning ritual renewed.

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