Examples and Little Changes

I've written before about how the end of December - beginning of January kind of sucked.

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Well, as written above, I've decided to really do something about it. More consistency, including Gwen in the process.

Other little steps I'm taking? Well I started keeping a weekly paper calendar. Taking the time on Sunday to look at the week ahead and break down "to do"s into smaller chunks makes everything seem less rushed, and less hectic. I also bought myself a cute glass water bottle which I've been filling up every morning and making sure I drink at least that amount of plain water by the end of the day, in addition to whatever else I drink (morning matcha and afternoon Moringa Infusions for the win!). I'm also continuing with my weekly self care baths. I can still get things done, but I also get to relax and treat my body (extra nice since I do it on a lifting day).

What healthy changes are you making in your life?

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