Sweet Beast and Another Surgery

A week ago sweet Daisy went in to have a lump removed from her back paw. It was causing her pain, and we were worried it would grow more, so it was the right decision to have it removed. That said, she's 11 years old now, and watching her struggle with the disorientation and lethargy while the anesthesia was wearing off was heartbreaking.

She did rock the hell out of her purple bootie though! (Then a pink bootie with the bandage change this past Monday, and we'll see what new color they put on come next Monday!)

A week out and she is doing so well. The hardest part is getting her to chill and not get to walk on it as much. She continuously amazes me with how easygoing she is about everything! One more week to go until the stitches are removed, and I can't wait to see my sweet girl all healed up. ❤

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