Life has been rather full and busy lately, some big things, but mostly so many little things. Gwen is doing Girl Scouts and Battle of the Books this year which takes up just enough time each week. I'm subbing plenty, and Colorado winter Autumn has kept us on our toes lately (nothing like needing to be dropping Gwen off for a snow delay 5 minutes before you're supposed to start teaching a class!). You may, or may completely not have, noticed I didn't get a post up for Monday. I certainly meant to, but that just didn't happen. Oh well, certainly no one cared as much as I did!

I've been dealing with a shoulder issue for weeks, that turned out to be bursitis. Thankfully I'm almost done with a course of anti-inflammatory meds, and a whole lot of resting that seems to have helped it finally clear up. It was frustrating, painful, and frankly really annoying to deal with. I was trying to take it as easy as possible, which mean skipping a whole lot of demoing when I was teaching, and skipping all of my own regular classes which I would normally take. That was the hardest part. A good portion of my grounding, and I think all of my sanity, comes from those classes. The rest of my body was noticeably more achy and still, but I just felt so much less put together. I'm more then ready to start carefully and slowly reintroducing those classes.

Today is the first of November, and I can't wrap my head around that. Halloween decorations never really happened (though Halloween did, more on that later), and at this rate I don't think anything will go up until Christmas decor after Thanksgiving (3.5 weeks away... 😳). Gwen and I did get in for our flu shots (yay herd immunity!), so I had two sore shoulders for a bit there; we got in some lovely framily and friend dinners, and got to finally watch Hocus Pocus, so it was still a good Halloween season. Here's to more fun ahead... and finding the time to bring you guys along!

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