Family and Skiing and Celebrating

Our second big celebration of the year was a decade of Gwen! She asked for a party with friends, and decided on SkyZone. After jumping exuberantly with her friends, we attended a hockey game the following night, then(!) took a trip up to the mountains to celebrate with some family. Trav's brother, Andy, his wife, and Gwen's cousin, Wyatt, flew out to do some Colorado skiing (a Christmas gift for Wyatt), and spend time with the birthday girl.

Last Tuesday we headed up into the mountains and on to Breckenridge, and checked in to a hotel for the next two nights. (Our hotel had some fun additions.)

 We got some really amazing weather while we were there... cold, but beautiful. Perfect for skiing.

 We spent 2 days at Breckenridge. I hopped between lodges, reading and relaxing.

While the fam skied to there hearts delight. 

We'd meet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was so great watching the cousins together.


Gwen did great the whole time, but the second day she really gained her legs, going faster and with more confidence. 

On our third morning, we woke up, checked out, and headed to Keystone (a little closer to home). It was a little change of scenery, some new runs for everyone, and new fun for me.


While everyone skied, I had my own mountain adventure, spending an hour tubing!

It was another great day, and the time went so fast.

It was such a beautiful trip, in such an amazingly beautiful location. It was hard to come home.

The drive home was beautiful, and it was good to be home. But I already miss our Ohio family... and that gorgeous mountain air!

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